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2016 01:35
Man is a social animal. This is universally accepted statement. We have to consider this well-defined belief. Man is like other animals, but not like any beast. Man and beasts should naturally be different. We have felt that humans are treated like beasts in many of the developing countries. Education is the measurement to distinguish man from the beast. Knowledge is the differentiating factor between man and beast. This is the root cause of the importance of education.
The education policy went on developing along with the creation of human being. The education policy had its role before the letters were invented. Therefore, we can assert the strong attachment of culture, civilization and spiritual knowledge in the history of human development. That kind of society is not visible in all the places and times. We conjecture that the situation appropriate to human welfare prevailed in different societies at different times.
Before writing or printing system was discovered, the knowledge from one person to another was transferred by verbal medium. When the writing or printing system developed human knowledge and experience could be recorded. The beginning of the history of education was speech or action. The importance of the modern education system lies in speech and action.
The society can be described as good if the good or moral education is developed. The development of society can be assured if the education policy is implemented. Everybody should contribute to the development of the society.
The test of the potentiality of a person lies as the base of education. The nature of the potentiality depends on what type of education someone gains. Therefore, good education should be imparted in society.
The developing and developed countries plan education policy granting it top priority. But the education policy has not yet been successful in many of the developing countries. The shortcomings in the education policy herald the conflict, confusion and corruption along with terrorism. The society is trapped in the problems as the state could not impart the education that suit the human welfare. The society can be well- administered if the education policy is correct.
Corruption has been understood as a challenging problem in all kinds of modern society.
To curb corruption whether in small or in grand scale and whether personal or institutional, we are required to fall back on education. While making good education to curb corrupt behavior is necessary for all. Making education policy, we have to keep in our mind three spheres that are affected by the policy. These are:-

1.   Making good citizens
2.   Establishment of the community or society
3.   Organization of the political parties
​1.   Making good citizens:-
Man takes his place in society as he goes on with his acquired knowledge. After acquiring education worth mentioning to human measurement, he can be able to be counted as a human being in society. That man can be accountable for the development of the society. The qualification is ascertained on the knowledge of him. The individual requires physical as well as spiritual knowledge. Physical or material education helps him how to save his body and how to promote the society. Spiritual knowledge teaches him to build up his personality and how to mobilize the society in the path of truth or integrity. While preparing the education policy, we should plan with four points in mind. They are:

a.   Benevolence
b.   Positive thought
c.   Honesty
d.   Discipline

a.   Benevolence-
A benevolent citizen can contribute to development in society. Morality is another name for it. To encourage morally high persons, we should plan suitable education policy. While making education policy, we should provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge initiating from the primary level of education. The individual can be oriented to righteousness if s/he is provided morally uplifting knowledge from the childhood.
b.   Positive thinking-
Positive thinking leads to his all-round development. If ill will springs within him he can damage his character and harm the society. This is why the positive thinking is a must for the development of the society. The conscience can be held high with positive thinking. Scrupulousness is a great human trait. There should be education policy that enhances positive thinking.
c.   Honesty-
Honesty is a human virtue. If one is dishonest, he is disregarded in the society. Honesty is the highway for personality development. All welcome honesty.  We should choose the education system that imparts the education for honesty development.
d.   Discipline-
Discipline should be main subject of learning. Discipline is a must in building human character. The person can be disciplined if his/her career develops satisfactorily with the help of education. Discipline is a must in human trains.
The important impact of the education can be visible if we apply essential elements for the development of personality, such as:

i.    Prosperity    
ii.   Success
iii.   Acquiring achievement
iv.   Peace and happiness

2.   Building up community  or society- As education policy works for personal development, so also the community or society requires education policy for their development. A perverted individual can be rehabilitated through the help of the society. To create good atmosphere in society, these four components should be enlisted in education policy expansion.
     a.  Practice of moral value
     b.  Development of a co-operative society
     c.  Feeling of responsibility
     d.  Rule of law

a.  Practice of moral value-
Immorality may cause problems in society. Therefore, the moral value accounts supreme over other elements. We should provide a suitable situation for the enhancement and promotion of moral value.
b.  Development of a co-operative society-
Cooperativeness is highly useful in society. Cooperativeness generates the feeling of trust, unity, co-existence and development.
c.  Feeling of responsibility-
Responsibility cultivates accountability for any right or wrong action. There should be sense of responsibility in social, political and economic sectors.
d.  Rule of Law-
By the term rule of law, we should comprehend the customs, ways, methods, cultures, social values and legal provisions given by the state. Citizens have a duty to abide by them. Then only, these implications can be attained:
     i.     Public development
     ii.    Economic success
     iii.   All-round development
     iv.   Viability and freedom

3.   Political community or organization of political parties:
Active political parties are responsible for the development of the standard of living of the people and the country. The political parties can serve the interests of the people and the country. The development of the people and the country depend on the political stability. This prompts the development of the people and nation. The four components are necessary for the stability of the administration:

a.   Definite principles
b.   Service mentality
c.   Responsibility or accountability
d.   Good governance

a.   Definite principles:
The political parties should come forward with definite principles of serving the people's interests. Only those parties following these principles can uplift the nation.
​b.   Service mentality:
The political community exists in two kinds:
     i.     Capturing power by hook or crook
     ii.    Gaining power using the service mentality
The parties with the motive of capturing power for their own sake have been unsuccessful though temporarily they seem successful.
The parties with service motive are successful. They can serve the people and the nation. They can establish stability and attain all-round development.
c.   Accountability:
The political parties should be fully responsible to the people and the nation. The party, the leader or the cadres associated with them should be loyal, responsible and accountable to the people and the nation. Such kind of system should be managed. Then only, the responsibility does work in government.
d.   Good governance:
The concept is that the rule of law in administration and good governance is necessary. These six components for the good governance are necessary:
     i.     The state affair based on rule of law
     ii.    Establishment of corruption free society
     iii.   Public responsibility
     iv.   Right to information in the society
     v.    Transparency
     vi.   Local self-government
For the formation of political party, the above-mentioned basis should be obtained for following impact:
     i.     Building-up prosperous society
     ii.    Successful Politics
     iii.   Stability in politics
     iv.   Peace and order
To attain these goals, the suitable education plan should be formulated.
Let us have a look at the auspicious signs and execute them:
     i.    Let us observe the individual build-up of the individual, its cause and impact:
Cause                                      Result/impact
Benevolence                            Prosperity
Positive thinking                     Success
Honesty                                   Achievement
Discipline                                Peace and happiness                     
     ii.   Building up society, its cause and effect
Cause                                      Result/impact
Moral value                             Public development
Cooperativeness                      Economic success
Responsibility                         All-round development
Rule of law                             Viability and freedom
     iii.   The cause and effect of building up of political parties
Cause                                      Result/impact
Definite principle                    Formation of prosperous society
Service mentality                    Successful politics
Responsibility                         Stability of politics
Good governance                    Peace and order
            We discussed the cause and effect in the auspicious sign drawn above. To achieve these goals, we understood the impact to be very useful if implemented with the education policy for them. The sign revolves always in its axis. Such revolving is to continue the topic. It can give the vividness and this is a universal truth. Anticorruptology should be inclusive in the education policy and then only we can expect results. 
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