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Forum for Independent Thinking commits to undertake the following objectives and challenges:
To support good governance and anticorruption initiatives at the country level.
To prevent corruption through research, advocacy, lobbying and awareness campaigns.
•    To stimulate public awareness about corruption, corruption trends, corruption impact and to enable the civil society to raise their voice against corruption.
•    To address the private sector’s role in public sector governance and anti-corruption efforts; and to support national efforts to reduce corruption.
•    To push for legal and judicial reforms, civil service reform, and effective public administration.
•    To improve accountability and transparency in political, administrative and social areas.
•    To advocate a more efficient public financial management and public service delivery.
•    To construct a consensus for joining hands in corruption control.
•    To provide support for programs to improve governance and control corruption, in collaboration with local NGOs and IOs with similar objectives.
•    To conduct research, workshops, seminars and other knowledge collection activities on corruption and governance issues and to disseminate their results  among academia and organizations of the field.
•    To build up operational partnerships with international organizations in order to constitute a worldwide corruption-fighting network.
We aim at raising public awareness about corruption, and at building a powerful and inclusive network in order to increase pressure on governmental forces; at promoting institutional reform and the stigmatization of corrupt behaviours, to free Nepal from the corruption plague.
We dream of a fairer nation, whose resources can be truly dedicated to the advancement of the people. Join us, and together we will make hope become a reality: action starts right now.
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