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Human beings are born in this world like other creatures. But human’s life is different from those of other creatures. The relationship of human beings is tied up from family, community, society to the state. So, many options and analytical thoughts are found about the uniformity of the world human society. Various states have been introduced based on different political situation, system and thought and have divided the world. Human society beside on community, society, race and racial culture. As people entertain to be divided into various states based on the language, culture, religion, caste and racial traits, different communities and states have been organized. Unlike ancient system, the modern state mechanism has not created a long gap between rulers and ruled. But many state mechanisms have not managed the civic necessity properly.
a.  Life and Nature:-
Human beings have unlimited necessities. People should be able to fulfill all those necessities themselves and they have been fulfilling too. The nature has developed and established people as human beings. It is the responsibility of nature also. The nature has not ceased that responsibility. A human is developed physically due to the boon of nature. Gradually, he/she grows into child then adult and matured person and becomes able to do the welfare of the community, society and nation. A human gets all those necessary traits by the nature from birth until he/she becomes a matured person. All the substances are required free of cost from nature. Thus, human beings are grateful to nature for her attributes and spend their life joyfully in the nature. It means nature has responsibility in the development of human life and human beings have accountability for the protection of nature. Due to this co-operative condition, it has been proved that human life is natural.
b.  State and citizen:-
Every human in the world is the citizen of the state of the world. A state without citizen cannot be imagined and a citizen does not have existence in statelessness. Therefore, citizens and state are complementary to each other. The main responsibility of the state is to ensure the status of a responsible citizen to all the people inhabiting within the state. The state should be able to provide three compulsory services free of cost to ensure that all the people are honest citizens. Those services are to be provided in such a way that the nature, under the shade of sky has provided water, air and light, the fundamental elements for human development. The nature also has provided the elements free of cost. The following necessary services should be provided for the personality development of the citizen.
1.  Education,
2.  Health,
3.  Justice.
1.  Education:-
Education is the most important element of human development. It is light of human life. It enlightens every aspect of human life. A person can’t go ahead without education. It is energy for human development. Education is not only strength to challenge injustice but also a necessary instrument for the development of society and nation. A person is accounted only as a living creature in the absence of education but an educated person is regarded as powerful in the society. Therefore, an educated person is a hopeful citizen and asset of the state.
2.  Health:-
Health is also a fundamental need of human being. Healthy manpower is an inevitable element for all-round development of a nation. It means a healthy person is the main basis for the prosperity of the nation. Health directly or indirectly affects the efficiency of a person. Sound health of a person increases his efficiency. The growth in human efficiency helps to develop all dimensions of individuals, community, society and the nation.
3.  Justice:-
All individuals do not have equal energy, talent and capacity. There exists difference among individuals due to sex, age, family status, racial, cultural and individual trait. Uniformity among the individuals in the society does not exist. People are guided to wrong direction because of energy, arrogance and ego which appear in the people time to time. A person commits injustice against to another person. Justice is right and injustice is wrong. But one exploits another and commits injustice. The victimized person and society should get justice. It is a fundamental right to get justice.
But the modern justice does not seem scientific. Therefore, the citizens of developing countries don’t have easy access to justice .A common citizen needs to pay court fee to get justice. In many developing countries, people cannot have justice even if they are able to pay fee for it. They are denied justice because it is measured by money. In such countries, people cannot have justice despite spending money for it. To get justice is life and bearing injustice is death.
c.  Responsibility of the State :
Every state collects tax from individual, society, and organization within its state territory to operate the state affair. The state has a state fund created from tax. For the welfare of the person, community and society, it makes different action plans for providing services, for the development and national prosperity. In this way, the state affair goes on. The state affairs should not do other activities by avoiding main responsibility. The main responsibility of the state is to make policies and plans for the welfare of citizens to improve the life status of them. The more important responsibility than that is to implement the policies to ensure the status of the citizen. Creating the situation in which all people can feel that they are responsible citizens of the state is the main among the various responsibilities.  The state should be able to make policies and implement them to provide education, health services and justice compulsorily to guarantees the civic status and make people prosperous. The education, health service and justice should be provided free of cost. Only the conscious and responsible citizens can fully support the all-round development of the nation. Therefore, the state which guarantees these services to citizens can emerge as an ideal state.
d.  Rights of citizens:-
A person belonging to a state by fulfilling legal requirements is regarded a citizen. It is not true that a citizen is a person residing in a state. A citizen should abide by existing laws, pay taxes and have the right to vote. In most of developing countries, citizens are mobilized for political activities. They are used as instrument to get vote. Civic right seems ensured but actually it fulfills the vested interest of some opportunists.
The so-called civic right provides them opportunity to seize political power. The political rights of a citizen cannot ensure all round development of the people. Every citizen must get education, health service and justice free of cost to act as a responsible citizen. This is fundamental right of them.
  i.  Free and compulsory education :
The state should ensure free education for all from childhood. The guarantee of compulsory primary, secondary and higher secondary education helps the people to acquire necessary knowledge and quality of a good citizen. One who has attained higher secondary education get knowledge and quality. It is the responsibility of a state to provide education up to higher secondary level.
 ii. Free and easily accessed health service:
The state should keep its citizens healthy to make all round-development of the state possible. The state should introduce health policies to keep all citizens healthy from birth to death. The citizens should get free and easily accessed health treatment from the state.
iii. Free and prompt Justice:
An individual cannot feel good when he/she has to pay a heavy cost for justice. Delayed justice is also injustice. Therefore, the state should institute the system of getting free and prompt justice. It is a fundamental right of a person to get justice. Preserving these fundamental rights of citizens is the responsibility of the state.
e. Interrelationship between State and Citizen :
There is unique interrelationship between the state and its citizens. Both the state and citizens should follow the interrelationship. It helps them to progress. The unique interrelationship can be clearly understood from the following chart:-
Chart concerning the responsibilities of the state and citizen                
The above chart tries to show that the state duties towards citizens and civic responsibility towards the state. The state should manage education for all its citizens. The conscious and rational citizens become responsible towards the state. The state should be active to prepare good citizens without any pre-condition. As a byproduct of that investment, the responsible citizens support for all-round development of the country. In this way, the interrelationship between state and citizen should be maintained.
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