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2016 02:18
Moral consciousness has a significant value in civil life. Other animals except human beings also have consciousness. But human consciousness is different from that of other animals. Because of some moral and spiritual consciousness, human being has become different from other animals. In other words, the natural characteristics of consciousness are human being themselves.  Being conscious only morally and spiritually is a different thing. The society and nation will progress or decline due to the same consciousness or lack of consciousness.
The present time demands morally conscious citizens. The society, where there are morally conscious people can advance rapidly. The citizens having moral consciousness, right thought and action deserve significant space in society. He/she has capability to have important role and responsibility in society. Such type of citizen succeed in progressing his/her society and nation.
Moral consciousness:-
Moral consciousness refers to knowledge and good behavior of good character. Such knowledge is reflected in own action. The sequential development of moral consciousness is described below.
  1. Thought,
  2. Conduct,
  3. Action.
1.  Thought:
Thought is the first product of consciousness. It can adopt either good or bad nature. Morally conscious person has certainly good thought. The thought is initiated for right action. How and in which area the thought is initiated determines the results.
2.  Conduct:
This is the virtue or character of an individual. A person’s character can be formulated by the living culture. Activities shown by the person determine the identification of the person. It start from good thought and deed.
3. Action:
Deed is the ultimate result of thought. Thought creates the speech and forms a plan. Plan emphasizes the completion of a deed. The end point of the thought is work.
Good functions in the nation can begin according to the thought of morally conscious citizens. Let us see in the diagram the relationship among the thought, character and task emerging from the moral consciousness of people.
The above figure is shows the though, conduct and action as the process of moral consciousness. The citizens having these three elements are regarded as good citizens.
Development of moral responsibility in citizens refers to their capacity to understand their duties towards society and nation. The consciousness provides knowledge of good character to the citizens. Persons having such knowledge become ideal citizens. Only a good citizen can uplift society and nation. Therefore, the responsibility of a nation is to produce the morally conscious and good citizens. After production of morally conscious and good citizens, the state should focus on creating economically sound environment for citizens to survive. After that, it should manage the education system. In this way, when fundamental needs are fulfilled, a citizen becomes conscious. Consciousness itself is the starting point of moral consciousness.
Only ideal slogan of moral consciousness can’t develop this quality in citizens. There should be specific plan and programs to produce morally conscious citizens. Unless a good citizen takes responsibility of making others good, the good citizens do not fulfill their duties. The nation should bring specific program for this purpose. The state should create the situation where citizens feel secure.
After only receiving essential academic knowledge and being prosperous only, the hierarchy of the people’s consciousness can be immature. Country should regulate the programmes for its permanent nature. The development of moral consciousness is shown in the following figure.
Morally conscious citizen
Nation’s responsibility for the public life with moral consciousness
The life of morally conscious citizen has been presented in the form of a fan. The citizens should get fundamental education and economic means for survival. Only after that, consciousness can develop. Moral consciousness can be gained from awareness. It this way, morally conscious citizens can contribute to education of society. Moreover, they play important role for economic development. Similarly they make other members of society educated and aware for overall social development. This cycle goes on continuously. This cycle should be the feature of continuity. And then after, the development of the nation picks up the speed.
The development of spiritual consciousness:
There is thousand years-old history of the development procedure of spiritual consciousness. Due to this, the world civilized, cultured and advanced. Those cities where this sort of spiritual awareness developed have unfortunately not survived.
In the competition between spiritual and physical development, physical development has won over. Therefore, spiritual development is on wane. But, if we can achieve spiritual and physical development simultaneously, the social development may be wholesome. If we developed the knowledge of spiritual and physical aspects being aware about the salience feature of development physical and spiritual consciousness would be in balance. Because of that we have mentioned the necessity of this. 
Consciousness itself is the initial point of knowledge. Therefore, let us explain the spiritual and physical aspects in accordance with consciousness. Let us formulate the triangles with these equal and straight three lines to show the spiritual and physical genre:-

In the above figure A which is spiritual consciousness triangle, there are three lines named knowledge, wisdom and spiritual conscious. They have put the discretion in the core. Discretion is the final consequence of spiritual consciousness.
Likewise in the figure B we have physical consciousness triangle, there are also three lines named thought, deed and physical consciousness. They have the development in the Centre point. Development means physical development.
If we overlap these two triangles, by making opposite to any one, they form six angles which are known as the treasury of the knowledge.

Above mentioned hexagon is world famous principal treasurer of consciousness and knowledge which is developed by using both, spiritual and physical consciousness triangles. That’s why, this figure proves that if we take the spiritual development with physical development simultaneously we might have more achievement.
Moral and spiritual awareness is required for civic life. This requirement cannot be fulfilled only by civil society. The starting point of moral awareness is consciousness. Similarly, the prime factor of spiritual consciousness is also good consciousness and thinking. The development of the spiritual consciousness in the psyche of an individual relies on the culture being operated in the particular community and society. The state should manage the environment to create and develop the spiritual consciousness by reserving and practicing the traditional cultures. The nation ought to develop the moral and spiritual consciousness. The state affair should fulfill its responsibility to uplift the life-standard of citizens. The moral as well as spiritual consciousness of citizens can be promoted only by primary function of state. Sacrificing personality, selfless spirit and benevolence in the leader may lead to the spiritual and highly moral society. The people follow the path of their ideal leaders. Therefore the statesman and leaders should leave the moral impression behind them for generations.
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