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2016 02:20
We may observe proper and improper performances in the society. The all-round development can be accelerated in the society if the people perform their duties properly. If the responsible persons, neglect proper actions of the society becomes weak and, thus, the development activities cease to succeed. Therefore, necessity has arisen to differentiate the identification of proper and improper activities.
We should be active only for proper action. Only the proper actions lead us to success. We should create an atmosphere favorable for successful and developed society. The responsible or accountable persons and institutions should perform their duty for the completion of proper activities.
Let us consider the important areas only in which proper actions should be taken.
  1.  Service delivery in public administration and judiciary
  2. Responsible persons in the security of the state
  3. Person active in the health and educational sector
  4. Active in games and recreation:
  5. Peoples representation and exercises
  6. Industrialist, businessmen and professionals
  7. Persons associated with social service
1.  Service delivery in public administration and judiciary:
The community and the people have a right to administrative delivery and judicial justice. It should be as provided by law. They should not do works that violate or misinterpret the laws. The person in authority to implement the laws should exercise discretionary judgment. The misinterpretation of laws and the actions therewith mutilate their rights and they are accounted as improper actions.
2.  Responsible persons in the security of the state:
The persons and organizations for the state security should take the sole responsibility of their jobs. Those belonging to army, police force or institutions responsible for security should be sincere and honest. They should obey the rules and regulations with accountability and responsibility. Those who lack responsibility should be considered as criminals.
3.  Person active in the health and educational sector:
Those involved in education and health should have a spirit of humble service. These sectors should not be allowed to be profit oriented. These sectors should be service-oriented. These sectors are commercialized which is not good. Service-oriented jobs should always be free or low cost.
4.  Active in games and recreation:
Those engaged in sports and recreation should be honest and sincere towards the people and the nation. Since sports connects with the national pride, the players of the country should not be saleable. Many players sell themselves and deliberately lose the games. This is an improper action. The casino house and prostitute rooms are antisocial activities in the name of recreation. Such activities should not be allowed. The society and the government should be vigilant to abolish such systems.
5.  Peoples representation and exercises: 
The people’s representatives should be responsible and accountable towards the people and nation. People’s representation mean the representation from local to the national level. The legislative members elected or nominated or selected come under this very category. If these representatives forget their duty towards the nation and people, they become greedy for wealth. They thereby misuse their power and authority. It should be considered abuse of authority. The representatives are bought and sold in most developing countries. The evaluation of such representative is absolutely improper in terms of money. The environment to stall such acts should be created.
6.  Industrialist, businessmen and professionals:
Those involved in the field of industry, commerce and other economic activities should conduct their business honestly and responsibly. There should be no injustice.  Industrialists, tradesmen and professionals are engaged in profit oriented work in many of the developing countries. They may not be sincere or honest in their jobs. There should be legal provision to halt insincere and improper actions.
7.  Persons associated with social service:
Those engaged in social services should be selfless in their activities. A affected by greed or influence by the foreign organizations the social workers may indulge in antisocial activities. The NGOs in the developing countries are engaged more in personal income generating than the good service to the people. Such behavior is improper. We must be able to control such profit oriented organizations.
We discussed the fields where proper or improper activities are done. There are so many other fields of works proper or improper. Only the results can show the activities as wrong or right. The state should scrutinize the proper or improper activities done by the responsible persons or organizations through the medium of the state panels. Separate panels should be formed to have separate study of the separate fields. The study of observation, inspection and follow-up and evaluation should be made to ensure whether the activities are proper or improper.
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