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Spreading knowledge in society for its welfare is called awareness. Awaring public helps in making society more civilized. There are many problems prevailing in the society; corruption is one of the major wide-ranging problems, which hinders development process and prosperity of society. Lack of awareness is the major problem of our society. It has raised corruption in under developed countries like Nepal. In this sense, awaring people against corruption can be as the moral donation for any volunteer. The objective of awareness program is to inform & organize public to educate them about the corruption pattern and the political situation. Do not miss this opportunity of contribution to make the Corruption less society. Students are pillar of growing society. Although, students in under developed countries are deprived from information across the world. So, sharing ideas and information to them means we are functioning our next generation with lots of knowledge. Corruption can be reduce and abolish only by making students aware of its defects. Today’s implantation about Anticorruption to student will be worthy to make the corruption less community in near future. We will give every volunteer a chance to interact with grooming Students in urban and rural areas. You also will get an exposure and can distinguish the level of Knowledge between them. Discussing with students, about the prevailing and wide-ranging problem of corruption in Education system will help in demoralizing bad intentions of this system. You can share your ideas & experience to them and make Students more aware and unite against corruption.

While volunteering in  interaction and awareness project, will have ample opportunities to involve in all aspects of the program .Lets make corruption less society together!!

Volunteer’s Responsibilities
  • Discussion with students, as how they have learned about Corruption and sharing our new ideas to them.
  • To meet the people & Query with local community and aware them how they can be responsible on making Corruption free society.
  • You have to make a project report of the interactions program which will help you in new findings.   
  • Making students aware on corruption and share them an idea about Anticorruption.
  • Writing press release of interaction program with students for media.
  • Press conference after every program and promoting our social task worldwide.
  • Report writing in specific program and analyzing the impacts of awareness program.
  • Paper presentation in workshop or symposium.
  • Writing proposals for funding.
  • Volunteer responsibilities range from creating awareness materials, to report writing to running public anti-corruption awareness programs.
  • We also have other plenty of sector to proactive volunteer.   


Skill and Qualifications
  • No specific skills or qualifications are needed to join this project. However, we expect volunteers to be flexible, proactive and good team members.  You can learn to contribute more if you are interested to learn more about corruption issues of developing countries.
Minimum Stay
  • 6 Weeks
  • 3 daily meals
  • Volunteer house or Host Family

Fees & date

Date: our volunteers program are available year round. You can start your program at any day you like 
Fees: anti-corruption is a nonprofit and nongovernmental program. We do not get external or internal funding to run the program. Our entire program is solely run by donation and volunteers fee. Our fee is really affordable given the opportunities, costs, and activities involve with the program Volunteers are request to pay the following fee


1 Month      USD 400
2 Month      USD 775
3 Month      USD 1150
4 Month      USD 1500
5 Month      USD 1850
6 Month      USD 2100

Note: Volunteers can arrange food and accomodation ownself too. we are sure that the above amount will be sufficient to maintain their requirement. 


How can I apply for the program?
You can apply through online.
Do I need to pay registration fee to book/ apply for program?
You don’t need to pay registration fee. You will be paying all the amounts after arriving to destination.
Where do I stay?
Volunteer’s accommodation depends on location of the project. For those projects based in a province volunteer will be match with the local host family. Else, most of the project in the city is approximately 30 minutes from the volunteer’s house by local transportation.
Do I need to travel around or is it office based project?
As most of the work will be in office, there will be some work in the field.
Will I be handling the project on my own or will there be someone assisting me while working at this project?
As a Volunteer, you will be working alongside local staff; however, you may be assigned individual projects that you will complete on your own.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
Volunteers should bring their personal laptop as they can expect to utilize it for projects within their placement. Also, as you will be representing the organization, it is important to bring formal attire as well.
What can I do in free time?
You can visit to any place as your interest at the free time. There are several mountains, beautiful natural scenery and places of historical importance. You can enjoy along with Rafting, Bunge jumping, trekking and many other adventure.
What kind of clothes do I need to bring?
Climatic condition of Nepal is moderate. You can bring your regular clothes as you think is proper
What food I get?
You will get local Nepali food. You can have anything interested on your own.
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