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The major aim of anticorruptology is to enforce zero tolerance against corruption and to establish a corruption-free society. To achieve an ideal society, anticorruptology has the following objectives:
  • To maintain financial ethics, morality and virtue in the society for happiness, peace and prosperity of general public,
  • To help people take rational decisions with positive outlook,
  • To promote anticorruptology as a subject of teaching and learning.
  • To disseminate information about the significance of anticorruptology and to create a global network of anti-corruption activities and movement.
  • To make human life more qualitative by developing human characters as full of virtue, right thought and right action.
  • To maintain traditionally practiced spiritual values.
  • To raise public awareness by means of advocacy and research-based information to control corruption.
  • To promote rule of law and good governance in all countries of the world.
  • To stop unwanted and illegal activities of non-governmental organizations occurring under the guise of social, political, economic development.
  • To stop the political parties from collecting fund for election from businessmen and others.
  • To create a situation so that there is minimum number of political parties.
  • To control unhealthy power centers and monopolistic activities of the political parties. To encourage only principle-driven political parties.
  • To regulate grant, loan and other supports from one country to another under one-door policy.
  • To introduce an election system based on the level of awareness of the citizens.
  • To help abolish economic and cultural colonialism.
  • To strongly create a situation where political parties are transparent in their activities and committed to their principles, manifesto and welfare of people and country.
  • To set a legal provision for bringing all the persons, communities, politicians and public within the parameter of reward and punishment.
  • To provide legal provision where no treaty or agreement is done on utilizing natural resources and heritages of developing countries by another country for short or long period.
  • To extend the scope of anticorruptology over the global intellectual culture, study centers and universities to prove it as a science of anti-corruption.
  • To evaluate and award those persons, groups, organizations and academic institutions involved in the anti-corruption movement.
  • To act against black money and to combat money-laundering.
  • To curb the arbitrary activities of the media.
  • To abolish the system of making treaty and agreement that go against the nation and the welfare of the people.
  • To incorporate the policy and principles of anticorruptology in all disciplines.
  • To promote anticorruptology as a science of anti-corruption by promoting its study and research in academies, study centers and universities of the world.
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