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2022 12:24
Our Background

The Forum for Independent Thinking, Nepal


Forum for Independent Thinking (FIT) is the a venue of Nepalese and global think tank, exploring the corruption phenomenon existing in Nepalese governance, administration, politics and all walk of social life. This is the forum for participatory action to advocate and sounding against corruptions and bad governance. From individual ideologies to the organizational approach, the FIT is combating rampant social, political, administrative and judicial corruption in Nepal since its inception. FIT Nepal also explores its efforts and is willing to join hands with national / international organizations of similar interests to combat corruption domestically as well as internationally.

FIT addresses corruption as the single most obstacles of the national development and has acidic impact in service delivery in the administration, instability in the social and political realm, and destabilizing the fiscal and corporate sector in Nepal. Corruption has paralyzed the overall national structure and has chocked the national mechanism from moving forward. Corruption flourished due to the lack of accountability, transparency and feeble legal mechanism against corruption control. Also FIT asserts that the good governance can not be expected amidst the current corrupt tendencies in government so corruption is primary issue to be addressed with wider consensus at national level. Good governance and anti-corruption measures restricted and underestimating by the nation, which cause the uncontrolled corruption and curtailing the true sense of governance.

Corruption spreads in different forms like:

  • Corruption as the misuse of public office / authority for private gain.
  • Bribery
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Nepotism
  • Red Tapism
  • Unaccountability
  • Extortion, influence peddling
  • Money laundering et cetera

Therefore, addressing corruption from single perspective would be unfair and difficult to curve the deep rooted corruption in national mechanism. Corruption fertilizes and empowers the illegal and criminal activities in political, administrative and social sectors. Volume of corruption in deep inside can be in petty or grand, organized or unorganized but the impact will be the same. Corruption poses a serious development challenge. Therefore, FIT acclaimed fighting corruption is not an easy task. It is equally challenging to confront corruption in Nepal where corruption juxtaposes to every social, political and administrative function.

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