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2015 03:56
Nepal is one of the most corrupt countries among SAARC countries, and even in the world (more information, please refer to the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2012 – available in « Activities » - « Downloads »). Among other factors, this situation can be accounted for the Nepalese people's lack of proper education and information on corruption. Indeed, if public awareness reached high enough to a level, then the pressure on institutions and corrupted persons would be too important for the phenomenon to flourish at such a scale as it is presently.
Thus, Anti Corruption Movement Nepal has benn organizing motivation and training program for university students – applicants from all academic fields are eligible, social science students are particularly welcome, given that they are most likely to deal with institutionalized corruption in their professional life as well as research activities. Thus, it is particularly beneficial to make them aware of the necessity to avoid corruption in their profession, in order to work towards a corruption-free new generation of decision-makers.

•    Increase the awareness of future high-level administrators/businessmen about corruption-related issues, and entice them to get involved against it ;
•    Provide them with weapons to fight corruption at both the individual and the institutional level ;
•    Sensitize scholars-to-be to the necessity of establishing a solid research corpus on anti-corruption science, in order to provide decision-makers with stronger tools to undermine corruption; encourage the drafting of research papers at the master and doctorate levels.
•    Modify the next decision-makers generation's perception of corruption into further stigmatization; get them rid off fatalism.
•    Train future government and private senior officers to fight corruption with the ambition to induce an in-depth institutional reform.
•    Increase the amount of research literature on anti-corruption to create a sound theoretical background to their actions.
The program generally consists: 12-day intensive training, ranging 20- to 30-student in a class; participants will be delivered lectures on different aspects of corruption (causes, consequences, sector-specific characteristics, etc.) as well as engage in workshops and other interactive activities.
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