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Like all other disciplines, Anticorruptology has also both good and bad aspects. The good and bad aspects of it are listed as follows:
Merits of Anticorruptology
  • It creates positive feeling in human thought.
  • It develops creative thought in human beings.
  • It creates good conduct among individuals and promotes reconciliation among them.
  • It provides guidelines for virtuous lifestyle.
  • It teaches lessons of virtue to society.
  • It fosters systematic work in commercial and industrial sector.
  • It inspires transparency and efficiency in national and international business. Transparent conduct is directed by anticorruptology from one sector to another.
  • It makes an individual and organization fully professional.
  • It develops culture of anticorruption in society.
  • It enhances judicious spirit in legal sector.
  • It supports the political parties to run with good principle.
  • It produces political leaders and cadres with ideal policy and principle.
  • It makes the bureaucrats fully responsible.
  • It enables bureaucrats to act as the nation-servants.
  • It helps to run efficient and transparent administration.
  • It helps to fully maintain economic discipline.
  • It helps to keep economic discipline of the society and the state.
  • It improves economic status of society and nation.
  • It increases nation’s treasure and protects it. Also it supports to make people and the country more prosperous.
  • It produces personnel who can make decision in favor of the nation. It doesn’t allow anti-national persons/groups to move forward.
  • It helps to implement educational system as per the requirement of nation.
  • It makes intellectual communities always alert towards nation.
  • It discourages the illegal activity and misdeed in health sector.
  • It promotes the slogan of “health for all”, an essential requirement for human beings.
  • It finally controls production and transportation of medicine.
  • It protects natural resources of the country.
  • It helps to control fully non-governmental organizations.
  • It helps to prevent and curb social and financial crimes.
  • It helps to get rid of petty and grand political crimes.
Demerits of Anticorruptology
  • People with negative attitude are disgustful towards anticorruptology.
  • As it blocks the illegal source of income, those who are benefitting from such activity are distressed.
  • Corrupt people get worried from anticorruptology.
  • It hurts those who are involved in illegal transaction.
  • It prosecutes those who are involved in giving and taking bribe.
  • Those who work illegally become unhappy.
  • The persons and/or organizations who abuse authority are despaired.
  • It creates difficulty in running activities of corrupt political parties.
  • It breaks the individual-oriented politics. So leaders and cadres with vested interest can’t rise.
  • It may harm the voters of developing countries as the political leaders cannot buy votes.
  • Those who spend arbitrarily from state coffers as per their interest will be deprived.
  • The clever and fraud that run non-governmental organizations may agitate.
  • The agents who are involved in illegal transaction of natural resources feel constrained.
  • Those who are involved in conversion of religion and creating ethic discrimination by use of money will be trapped in.
  • The private sectors, which are commercializing human health and education will be despondent.
  • It discourages those national and international groups who are active to overthrow the government with money power.
  • Those who intend to financially and culturally colonize the developing countries, will not achieve their goals.
  • Drug traffickers will raise voice against anticorruptology as they are hindered by it.
  • As it tries to control money laundering, those, who are active in such activity, will try to block it.
The good and bad aspects of anticorruptology are expatiated as far as possible in proceeding section. As anticorruptology is a discipline created with new thought, only limited good and bad aspects could have been explored when it is studied and practiced worldwide, its strengths and weaknesses are further explored and analyzed differently in different countries but still at present, anticorruptology has more strengths than its weaknesses. It is crystal clear that human life, society and social organization can get much benefit from this discipline. It is believed that its prons are further explored when it is studied in real situation.
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