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2015 03:44
The Anti-Corruption Movement Nepal conducted an interaction programme on the 13th June 2014. The aim of the program was to create awareness about corruption and to introduce the concept of 'anticorruptology'. The program had a strong attendance and received a warm response from students. The programme opened with a speech from anti-corruption activist Mr. Bharat Jangam. Mr Jangam spoke about the prevailing and wide-ranging problems of corruption in Nepal. "Corruption is social problem; it is disease of our society. There is black market everywhere in between demand and supply."
Several questions were asked by students throughout the course of the programme. One student Yuresh Singh asked "Is corruption a subject to study? How can it be said as a subject?" Mr. Jangam answered that corruption is a major problem and 'anticorruptology' is a subject to curtail its activities. Another student Akanshya Regmi asked "Every political party is corrupt, how long can we control them? What will happen when the day might come when we have to run from our own country due to corruption? Are you the only one working against corruption?" she followed up with another question "If you find your family member engaged in corruption what will you do?" Mr. Jangam replied "Everything starts from a single thing, although this journey was started by me, it will be followed by many people in the future and corruption should not be kept in our houses. If it is the case that one of our family members is corrupt then we should have the guts to speak against them." A student named Anurag Anand asked "Is there corruption in the anti-corruption organization or not?" for this question Mr. Jangam replied "There is corruption everywhere but some powerful sources are watching over it." Likewise another student named Krishna Thapa questioned "Students should be forward with corruption you say, so then what will happen if we see and talk about corruption? Our life is in danger. Where should we go to talk about this?" for this Mr. Jangam answered "You shouldn't be afraid of this. I have been working on this for many years. If I am not afraid then why should you? If that kind of case arises then you can come directly to my office." The last question came from Yuresh Singh "Have you spoken when you see corruption on the street?" Mr. Jangam replied "Everybody knows me, people are afraid of corruption when they hear my name. We cannot directly claim they are corrupt. If and when they violate the law then it will be corruption." With this last answer the programme was concluded at the EPS School.
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