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2015 03:42
The Forum for Independent Thinking Nepal organized a tour to far western development region of Nepal, through its program- Anti Corruption Movement Nepal. The major objective of the tour was public awareness and interaction with the local people of the far western development region of Nepal.

The program was started from the compound of CIAA (Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority) in the presence of the CIAA members and other respective scholars of Nepal. Anti Corruption Movement Nepal with its actively working member including chairperson of The Forum of Independent Thinking Nepal went to the tour to Far western development region of Nepal.

The Members were:
•    Mr. Narayan Guragain- Chairperson; The Forum for Independent Thinking Nepal
•    Mr. Bharat Jangam- Chairperson; Anti Corruption Movement Nepal
•    Mr. Home Nath Yogi
•    Mr. Govinda Bhandari
•    Mr. Madhav Prasad Adhikari
•    Mr. Hari Nath Yogi
•    Mr. Ravi Adhikari
The public awareness and interaction program with public speech was organized in 16 districts of far western development region of Nepal. The districts were respectively:
•    Mahakali: Mahendranagar, Dadeldhura, Kanchanpur, Baitadi, Darchula
•    Seti: Dhangadi, Doti, Achham, Bajhang, Bajura
•    Veri: Banke, Bardiya, Surkhet, Dailekh, Dang and Salyan
Most of these districts are extremely rural as well as deprived from many resources and development works as well. Illiteracy and traditional way of living style is one of the common factors of most of the districts. The administrative and government officials are found to be very corrupt even in those districts. Thus, Anti Corruption Movement Nepal established its units in all those districts under the active participation of the authoritative bodies as well as local people of those districts to eradicate corruption from the roots (low level).
•    To aware the local, rural, deprived and illiterate people of Far western region of Nepal about corruption, its reason, its effect and its consequences!
•    To organize the people to speak against corruption and to inform them about the political as well as corruption system of Nepal; in private, government as well as other sectors.
Brief of Activities:
The program was held on the far western development region of Nepal which is supposed to be the disadvantaged one regarding other places of Nepal. Thus, the program was appreciated by the authoritative body as well as the local people of that region. Some said that, "this type of program is the real helper of us because we have been disadvantaged till now all because we can't share our ideas and opinions to some authoritative officials and the organization which are supposed to be working for us from our place".
The authoritative bodies were also so much excited about the program as they were tired of doing their regular activities. They believed that this kind of program is necessary to aware as well as refresh them and also support them to gain the ideas from such program. Maximum numbers of local people were also excited about the program and they involved in the public speech to share their ideas and opinions among the member of Anti Corruption Movement Nepal and the authoritative bodies of that region.
The Anti Corruption Movement Nepal's first program was organized in the far western development region and the achievement it got was far better than the objective it made. Because the objective was to organize the public awareness program and to educate people about the corruption pattern and the political situation of Nepal as they are unknown towards those situation.
Not only the public concern but also the authoritative support is one of the major achievements of the program. As per the visit of the 16 districts of the far western region AMN was able to establish a unit that will be working under AMN in the future to assist AMN to reduce corruption as well as to raise voice against corruption.
Anti Corruption Movement Nepal first of all organized its program in Kanchanpur. The public and the authoritative bodies there were so much supportive and thus, AMN was able to establish its first unit in Kanchanpur in the leadership of Mr. Samar Jung Chand. It worked so well in its local level and is the most active unit among the many units of AMN. The committee or the unit was established with the committee of 21 persons; including local people of Kanchanpur.
Similarly, in other 15 district as well AMN was highly appreciated by the local people as well as the government and authoritative officials. The units of the AMN were established to help to decrease the corruption activities of those particular places and they were and still are successful in their aim. The units are still working against the corruption in those places with the help of AMN and the local collected fund. CIAA itself is supportive to the work of those units which is the biggest achievement of AMN's activity or the program organized by AMN.
Thus, concluding we can say that the events that were organized by Anti Corruption Movement Nepal were pretty much successful. AMN was able to fulfill its objective and also was able to establish its units in the 16 districts of Far western development region of Nepal.
The public awareness and the interaction program was the highlight of AMN's visit in all the districts. People were happy to welcome the new voice as well as the old one against corruption to their place and expect to have the better systematic appearance of their administrative as well as public/private sectors.
The public speech was also the center of attraction of the people. The people themselves stand to share their opinions, ideas as well as problems regarding corruption, administrative delays, political situation as well as the overall context of Nepal. Their ideas and opinions were regarded at the top level by AMN. Thus, the people appreciated the establishment of the units of AMN in their place.
Challenges faced:
The major challenges faced by AMN through the time of the programs were:
•    Economic crisis: As the financial matters were totally based on AMN's members the economic crisis was the major challenge. But the supportive nature of the local people of each district didn’t let the AMN's campaign lay down without its completion or success.
•    Illiteracy: because people were not literate it was hard for them to organize at a place and to make them understand about the objectives of AMN. But, once they understood its gist it was easy for them to know what actually they were lacking and what are the administrative delays and the political situation; which was so far unknown to them.
•    Lack of local people's opinion and decision: The active participation of local people was there in the events organized by AMN but as they don’t know how to express their problems and opinion it became a bit hard to make them speak their problem however they want to.
Despite of all these challenges, AMN was able to accomplish its objective as well as able to organize the local people to control further corruption activities in the most deprived and disadvantaged region of Nepal.
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