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2016 02:59
  • To prepare the trend and character of world community of manifest its pure, transparent and human friendly behaviour.
  • To stop the unwanted activities in society and maintain good discipline and healthy competition among human beings.
  • To establish the rule of law and execute good governance based on worldwide principles of justice.
  • To implement ideal democracy by ensuring fundamental rights of all citizens.
  • To keep the traditionally practiced spiritual contemplation alive.
  • To protect natural resources and ancient heritage of the country.
  • To maintain natural culture in human life by accepting the blessing of nature.
  • To create an atmosphere of accountability at all levels by asserting the rights ensured by the state.
  • To keep a balanced relationship between state and political parties.
  • To create corruption-free society by maintaining ethics, morality, human dignity and value in the society.
  • It is mandatory to have truth and identification of truth in this human society. So, anticorruptology is necessary.
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