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Various problems have originated in the society from the beginning. We have the potentiality of the solutions of these problems. The controlling measures are to be developed. In the human society, any types of problems raised are discussed and tried to be resolved. In this context, many nations in the world are facing risky problems of corruption. This problem spread out in the developed and developing countries in an epidemic way. It has infected the political, economic and social life of a nation.
In the context of human life, various diseases like plague, cholera, smallpox, syphilis take the life of many people. Corruption is similarly a social disease. Since it is treated as a disease, it has also a specific remedy. We need medicine for its treatment. Medicines are manufactured by the qualified pharmacist. Likewise, corruption can also be eradicated by the means prescribed by qualified experts.

1.   Starting of research :
        The main center for study is a university. So the graduate and post-graduate students should be provided the opportunity to conduct research regarding anticorruption. The students should be provided training in the related subjects of anticorruption. This type of training may be conceived as the beginning of study.

2.   Starting the Post-Graduate Study :
In the school level, the study of anticorruption may not be initiated at the present time. So, anticorruption should be included in the curriculum at the graduate level. The subject of anticorruption should be incorporated in subjects like Political Science, Economics, Social Science, Rural Development Science, Journalism, Management and Law. Since the main subject is anticorruption the graduate students can become knowledgeable in this discipline.

3.   Ph.D. and Investigation :
The post-graduate students will help many people to get attracted towards this discipline as they start the research programme and the investigation in this field.

4.   Preparation of Anticorruption experts:
After research programme in the course of anticorruption at the graduate levels, the students of post-graduate level can become qualified in anticorruption.

5.   Booklets and Course study.
In near future the experts on anticorruption can prepare books and booklets for courses for school to university students.

6.   Study from school level :
After the completion of the formulation of educational materials, they should be categorized from the school level to the university level.
Let’s see the way of study:

Simultaneously, steps from 1 to 6 should be developed for the study of anticorruption.
The study of anticorruption is the requirement of today. The nations all over the world are infected by the disease of corruption. So, to cure this disease of corruption, education should be imparted on every citizen by including the study of anticorruption from the school level to the university level.
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