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2016 02:56
Time has come for in-depth research of corruption after being conceived as a social problem. However, the problem pertaining to corruption is different from other social problems. This cannot be studied by keeping it as a part of sociology. It has to be given a separate place after brief study. While studying it, we find out that it is not only a social problem but also a social disease. This disease is treated in the same way as other human diseases which are communicable. As a disease, we also come to understand that there are many ways for its prevention.
Corruption is treated as disease. So, we know there is also a preventive measure for this disease. For the treatment and proper medical services, we have to go through the principle of medical science for its proper cure. A preventive measure can be effective before falling ill. If it is not prevented by this, the antibiotics should be given. Like this, a process is applied to maintain zero tolerance of corruption.
After the preparation of the science of anticorruptology, we need to recognize the name to this new science. So, for the proper name, we have to go through the following exercise:
  1. Corruption Preventive Science,
  2. Character Science,
  3. Corruption Preventive Management,
  4. Anticorruptology.
1.   Corruption Preventive Science :
It seems good to call it a ‘Corruption Preventive Science’. Corruption prevention means we should develop a particular system to check corruption. We should try to describe it by making it broader and try to enforce it with a broader sense. So, this name is also suitable.

2.   Character Science :
The science against corruption is also related with the character of a person. The social, mental, economic, physical and political development of a person is determined by his/her character. A man of good character neither can be corrupted nor can allow the corruption into institution. Character science helps to teach a person and society to live a life in a good and happy way. The society based on character science or moral science performs good and meaningful work. That is why; character science or moral science plays a pivotal role in the science against corruption. We can describe character science as the science of anticorruptology.

3.   Corruption Preventive Management :
         Corruption Preventive Management is also suitable name for the science of anticorruptology. By the management techniques, we can find the solutions of problems. By developing the techniques of controlling measures, corruption can be brought down to a zero position depending upon the principle of management.

4.   Anticorruptology :
Anticorruptology is the suitable name for the science of anticorruption. Anticorruption includes all the activities related with corruption. ‘Corruption’ and ‘anti’ these two words can assume a single entity ‘anticorruption’. The science of anticorruption pertains to activities related with corruption and its abolishing measures, which are included in anticorruptology.
The above mentioned names, 1) Corruption Preventive Science, 2) Character Science, 3) Corruption Preventive Management are also suitable names for the science of anticorruption. But, the fourth ‘Anticorruptology’ appears the most suitable name for the science of anticorruption. It has included all the sectors for its study. The science of anticorruption has the positive and negative aspects, which are included in anticorruptology.
Double negatives make an affirmative. Corrupt and against its two opposite words make one strong character that is affirmative. Minus and minus is equal to plus is the principle of mathematics. Likewise anti-corruption is anticorruptology.
The name ‘anticorruptology’ at present as good as to be an acceptable name till any better term is suggested.
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