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2015 03:36
As a continuation to its advocacy campaign about the Guthi land case, Anticorruption Movement Nepal's Sankhu unit organized on April 13th an interaction program whose slogan was "Let's eradicate corruption and make a corruption free Sankhu".
The aim of the program was to provide information about corruption-related matters to the local people, with a particular focus on land-related corruption – one of the most affected sectors at the national scale. Mr. Ratna Prasad Shrestha, Chair person of AMN Sankhu Area Committee and host of the program, asked Chairperson of Central Guthi Organization Mr. Panchalal Maharjan to be the Honour Guest of the event. The Chairperson of Anti-corruption Movement Nepal, Mr. Bharat Jangam, Assistant Administrator of Central Guthi Organization Hem Raj Subedi, and Mahaut Lasselin, intern of Anti Corruption Movement Nepal from France were also invited to take part in the event.
More than 300 people participated in the intervention. They asked various questions to the chief guest as well as the other guests, about the matters related to Guthi Land and land-related corruption. Many of them also expressed themselves about the corruption issues in government offices. They wanted to know how it had been possible that the Guthi land be converted into a private land in the first place.
After Mr. Panchalal Marjan answered the participants' questions, other guests gave speeches relating the present level of corruption in many sectors of the country, as well as trails to reduce corruption. The speakers aimed at reinforcing the public's knowledge about anti-corruption, as awareness and education are some of the most important elements in the fight against corruption: for, without them, no large-scale resistance can be organized. Moreover, they advised AMN to organize some program for the new generation, youths and government administrators to be provided training about anticorruption; Anticorruption Movement should also take serious action against corrupt people in order to reduce the overall corruption level.
Sankhu's people assure us that they are united and ready to fight against corruption at our side. They also urge us to help reduce corruption not only in Sankhu but in the whole country, and to expand our motivation and training programs to other Nepalese regions. Their interest and commitment is a wonderful message of hope and courage; we would like to thank them for their support. AMN Chairperson also congratulates the unit/area committee of AMN, Sankhu for their successful steps against corruption with regards to the Guthi land.
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