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  • Good virtue is the virtue of man from birth.                                                  -Moral Science
  • Human being is a wise creature. He/She wants to live in the society being good, better and best.   -Sociology
  • There occurs the domination of psychology in all aspects of development.       -Psychology
  • There should be no lack of balance between economic business and social treatment.
  • The development of human society becomes possible due to positive activities of an individual.    - Humanities
  • Exercise of ethics leads to good and affirmative thought.                           -Ethical Science
  • Politics can be changed owing to the person’s positive thinking.              - Political Science
  • To be involved in giving and taking bribe is sin. It is not allowed in human life.                 
  • Bribe provider and receiver are both criminals. They cannot escape the eyes of law. -Methodology (Science of Law)
The principles written above are indeed true. We should analyze the structure of human society while explaining those doctrines. There are, however, no uniform rules, systems and cultures all over the world. They differ in different states and communities. Furthermore, their theories and formats may be explained. In the current context those principles and formulas can be mentioned as follows:
  • People are born honest but develop corrupt activities in a corrupt society. It is better to bring them back to the original nature of honesty.
  • Both corrupt and good attitudes lie in the human feelings.
  • An individual can choose either corrupt or good conduct. Its conclusion is that corruption occurs owing to the desire and yearning of psyche. Psyche can be controlled. If psyche can be controlled, corruption also can be controlled.
  • An individual is responsible for corruption for a short or long term. Once addicted to corruption, he/she cannot change into an honest man/woman overnight. Therefore, he/she should be considered a proven corrupt person.
  • Every individual has the ability to enhance the internal and external power at their own will, whether positively or negatively. Individuals are the most important component as they are the basis to form family, community, society and state. Thus, an individual must have positive change in behavior and ethics to transform it to the broader groups of society, community and state.
  • The society should be able to adapt to the established affirmative norms and values of an individual
  • Corruption is a social problem; thus, remedy should also be sought from behavioral change of individual, which will positively reinforce the society.
  • Psyche is the root cause of corrupt feelings. It is not tangible. But if a person commits the corrupt action it can be usable. We can get rid of that sort of corrupt mentality. We have to develop positive thought on the basis of ethics or moral science. If the culture of the society is to respect a legal worker, the upcoming generation learns to do the legal work. But if the culture of any society is to appreciate a corrupt individual, the new generation also tends to be corrupt. So, culture should be positively improved for the enhancement of honest works.
  • A man having the capacity of distinguishing good from bad is a wise creature. Such a man/woman works out a plan of actions in accordance with his/her own longings. Suppose, a leader gathers cadres. Cadres are the future leaders. Writers create the readers. Readers are the future writers. It means corrupt persons cause the environment to be corrupt. We can eradicate the disease of such communicable nature by using medical treatment. For that, no hospital should be established. But a person can practice yoga, pursue religious activities and think about the real life.
  • Today’s children are the future’s nation builders and mature men. So, to make principled citizens, the academic process concerning corruption-free society must be implemented from the primary level. That ought to be managed from the government by formulating the law. Then the number of anti-corrupt activities and followers will increase. And we can attain the corruption less society.
  • Corruption has the characteristics of water. If we leave it free, it damages most of the social assets. But if put in the controlled surrounding like the dam, it can make land fertile and electricity can also be generated. It has the greatest power against negative influence. So, we have to help develop the intellectuality of persons for the development of the society. This type of wisdom and expertise can be produced by the academic core only. If a person’s fundamental needs have been fulfilled, he/she is not involved in corrupt activities. If a person has no money in meeting hand and mouth, he/she tries to steal. So, we can get rid of the bad aspect of human being by providing the basic demands of man as well as through just distribution of national resources.
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