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2016 03:00
Development of world society is the result of human thinking. Human thought has a significant importance since the very beginning of civilization. When a minor or major problem is seen, the solution is sought based on human thought. Consequently, the problems are resolved. In this way, every problem seen in course of human development is resolved. As a result, world human development has attained an advanced form.
Thought and philosophy are born as per the demand of time. Such thoughts go on addressing the problems of different times. When thought is transformed into discipline, it is established by power of knowledge. Thought can be dignified by knowledge. Regular study, research and analysis gradually take the form of science. Searching cause and effect is the main foundation of science. When cause originates, there is always solution. Science searches for proofs and it is recognized on the same grounds. The source of science is knowledge and the product of knowledge is science.
In the same way, anticorruptology, science of anti-corruption, is not a hard science like physics or chemistry. Rather it is a soft science like other social sciences i.e. political science, economics, sociology and so on. Experiment, implication, statistical and mathematical approaches have been applied and interpreted in anticorruptology. Because of this, it has gained the status of science.
A discipline, which is thought to be necessary by society and time in course of human development is studied in depth. From in-depth study, the guidelines of knowledge are developed and they emerge as the theories of that discipline. In this way, for the formulation of a theory, its requirement should be felt by the society and thinkers. When requirement is felt, the detailed study of the subject is carried out. When a subject is studied systematically in detail, it is established as a science. Science is an integrated store of knowledge, which is made after microscopic study, systematic experiment and detailed analysis. Anticorruptology has also been established with the same fundamental principles.
Corruption is actually a social problem. The society itself should be responsible for such a problem. The society is a group of people. Therefore, a man is called a social being. The advancement and decay of society is determined by the behavior of the people. The society itself should be responsible if any misdeed or misbehavior is spread in it. If corruption is found in one part of the society, another part should raise voice against it. This is the law of nature. Corruption is a hindrance to human development and social advancement. New thoughts and theories were necessary to eliminate corruption. That necessity has been fulfilled by anticorruptology.
Forwarded as a new thought and theory in the forum of world academics, anticorruptology has been credited as a subject of study. It is also clear that no policy and action-plan formulated for human development can be successful without the study of anticorruptology. Similarly, we can believe that this new thought and theory work successfully to curb illegal actions, corruptions and so on. They challenge state mechanism. Likewise, the malpractices of political parties can also be controlled by anticorruptology.
In nutshell, anticorruptology does not only advocate against misdeeds and corruption, but also creates virtuous behavior in the society. This science has potentiality to analyze and interpret illicit conducts of a person. It can also curtail commercial crimes of the businessman, maladministration, political dishonesty and other similar activities. After analyzing and interpreting such defective characters, it judges what is right and what is wrong. It is an important subject to be studied. The concerned university should create an environment to include anticorruptology as a subject of study in the curriculum. To begin with, its value, importance and necessity should be felt by the university. This new theory has been propounded as a subject of teaching and learning as per the demand of our time.
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