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2016 11:45
This is the starting point of worldwide academic journey of anticorruptology. Anticorruptology is a new philosophy offered with guidelines, methodology, thought and policy. Furthermore, it is a science proven with required facts and formulas. It is a complete discipline for now. But it may not be complete since further study, research and revision go on continuously. Any thought or philosophy is invented as per the need of time. At present, anticorruptology has occupied a significant space in the field of social science by formulating necessary policies, principles and justifying the necessity, rationale of anti-corruption science. It has been established as a science of anticorruption in the academic realm.
Moreover, it has succeeded to keep a direct relationship with other sciences in addition to anticorruption science by scientifically defining its preamble, objectives and meaning. It has also got the status of other disciplines by analyzing its strength and weakness, policy and principle and interpreting its significance of study and research. Corruption is a psychological disease and can be cured. And anticorruptology has specified the curative measures, methods of corruption. It has also been proved that anticorruptology can lead social development by solving social problems. Briefly speaking, it is a complete discipline of anticorruption science. Since it is a complete discipline teaching and learning with anticorruption activities should be started. But being a complete science, it is incomplete. It is so because it needs further study, research and revision as per the demand of time.
It can fulfill today’s preliminary requirement. But anticorruptology also needs to accept the consequences of time. It is the second decade of twenty first century. If anticorruptology did not address the speedy change of time, obstacles would come in its progressive development. It needs to move itself forward together with the speed of social changes by amending itself as per the need of time. The way time changes society compatible with the speed of time, anticorruptology should also change itself according to the charge in time. For this, further study, research, analysis need to be carried out by accepting amendment that may go with it.
Anticorruptology is a study worthy by its nature. It is a dynamic discipline and has patience to accept amendments. It means it goes on changing and revision. That’s why anticorruptology should be open for further study, research, revision and analysis. For this, specific contribution should be sought from intellectuals, activists, sociologists, study centers, academicians among others.  Furthermore, the universities in the world should also create favorable environment for further study, researches, revision and analysis of this discipline as per the change and demand of time. In this way, anticorruptology is revised according to the need of a state, society and time. Then it can support the socio-economic development of the society and the nation itself.
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