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The level of a society is determined by thought and activity of people living in that society. The social identity is reflected by the people who have direct relationship with that society. The source of progress and decline is also determined by people’s thought. Similarly, culture and civilization are shaped by people’s thoughts.
At present, prosperous and/or backward society is engulfed by politics. Politics is also a product of the same society. It means the positive attitude has been proved as a significant element to determine the political system of a country. Thus, if there is a positive belief in each individual, society also becomes positive, which eventually leads to the prosperity of the country. If there is abundance of negative attitude, the society will face dishonesty, mistrust, immorality and pollution. Negative thought promotes evil intent, terror and conflict but positive thought encourages harmony, good conduct and friendship. Therefore, affirmative thinking for the progress of society is essential.
A person is not a machine which is controlled mechanically. As an individual it is natural that all his activities, thoughts and beliefs are also natural. A person’s thought may vary according to the change of time, place and environment. The formula of anticorruptology can change the thought of a person.
A person is established by his personality. Similarly, his identity and status are also determined by personality. Personality helps to shape his identity and status. In other words personality is guided by his thought. Therefore, there is great importance of a person, his personality and society.
A person’s thought can be studied as follows.

1.   Positive thought/Attitude,
2.   Mixed thought/Attitude,
3.   Negative thought/Attitude.
1.   Positive thought/Attitude:
Good attitude, friendly feeling and good character are the virtues of positive thought. It is also called positive thinking or good thinking. It is good human character. It is essential for a person to have positive thinking to be identified as a good person. One who is active in society with positive attitude can lead the society and nation. A person with positive thinking may not be glorified as hero of society but his positive activities are properly evaluated and appreciated. It means positivity not only enhances the personality of an individual but also transforms the whole society for betterment.

2.   Mixed thought/Attitude:
It comes in between positive and negative thinking. This mixed attitude prevails over the majority of the people. It is applies to both the educated and uneducated classes. Completely positive and completely negative people are rarely found in society. Therefore, the great majority of the people in society carry this mixed attitude. There are many people who are neither strictly positive nor negative. But they have mixed thought.

3.   Negative thought/Attitude:
It is opposite of positive thinking. People having negative thought are selfish. They always think for their personal benefit at the cost of other people. The people with negative attitude always try to harm other people in society.
They are engaged in activities causing injury or loss to the society and nation. Such types of people are dishonest and cruel. Consequently, they cannot be happy. Their mentality creates conflict and terror in society. Negative thinking creates obstacles in every sector of progress. So they are considered as an enemy of the society.
The persons with positive, negative and mixed thought are found from family and community to society. People in these social units do not have the same attitude. The persons with positive or negative thinking are very few in any society but majority of them have mixed thinking. When persons with mixed thoughts are influenced by persons having positive thoughts, the society is guided to prosperity and development and when they are influenced by the negative ones society is directed to decline and end in instability. It means, mixed thought has a determinant role in the society.
Let us see the people’s thought and formation of society in figure:
The above figure shows that positive, negative and mixed thinking are created in persons and penetrate in the society. In a society, 80 % people have mixed thinking and 20 % (10% in each) have positive and negative thinking. The 80% having mixed thought belong to general or middle classes. The majority of middle class is influenced by minority to shape the formation of society.  In the prosperous and developed countries, the higher class influences the lower classes and leads the society towards positivity. On the other hand in transitional society the lower class influences the society and influence 90% of the people. The 10 percent of the positive and the equal percent of negative people are important, which influence the 80 % of mixed thinking.
The nature of people’s thought is not significantly different in educated from the uneducated society. Educated society is much wider in thought but uneducated society is limit. The nature of a person, community and society is somehow similar in both the developing and developed countries.
The progress and decline of a society on the basis of such thinking is presented as follows:

The above figure shows that people having higher or positive and lower or negative thinking have proportion of 10% in each on the other hand, the people having mixed or normal thinking contain 80%. Even if the proportion of normal class is higher, it can be influenced by higher of lower class and assimilated to them according to the effect of influence. The process of assimilation of the middle class determines the progress and decline of the society. It means when 10% of positive thinking influences the 80% of middle class, the society gets path of prosperity and develops according to the time. On the other hand, if it is influenced by 10% of negative thinking, the society experiences terror, instability and decline. In this way, corruption is grown up in the background of instability. The formation of society is progressive in developed countries but it is regressive and declining in developing countries. Thus, the backward, regressive society should be transformed into progressive and proactive one.
Rational Decision by Positive Thinking:
The consequence of positive thinking is a rational decision. The person who makes rational decision is regarded as a fair minded person in society. The decision has same importance whether it is made of citizen level or at government level. It helps direct the whole society towards positive path. Thus, it’s clear that only positive thinking can make rational decisions. Rational decision is back bone of social development.
Antisocial Behaviour from Negative Thinking:
Antisocial behaviours are generated from negative thinking. It is also called misconduct. It is mentally spoiled behavior. Persons having negative thinking lack morality. They are keen on selfish mentality. They lie, don’t give value to others and harm the society. They entertain in these activities. Such type of antisocial behavior and activities don’t help social progress. It hampers national development. Furthermore, it prompts dispute, crime and terror in society.
The above-mentioned rational decision is the result of positivity and antisocial behavior is the result of negativity. They should be interpreted differently. By interpreting them from different points of view, they should be thought differently. Anticorruptology sets the guidelines to sustain the positive thinking and to discourage the negative thinking from the society. That is why, this subject is necessary for teaching and learning discipline.
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