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2015 02:34
Nepal Association of Northern California (NANC), Nepalese And French Cultural Association (NAFCA) and the information website organized an Interaction program at Himalayan Flavors Restaurant in Berkeley, California, USA on May 5th, 2013.
NANC Chairperson Mr. Uttam Karki presided over the encounter, whose chief guest was Anticorruption Movement chairperson Mr. Bharat Jangam. The meeting was animated by Mr. Dhruba ( NAFCA Chairperson Mr. Bashu Dhakal presented a poem about anticorruption. Piyous Dahal from California Nepali Society, Durga Dahal from NAFCA, Senior Journalist Rabi Adhikari, Ghanaprasad Dawadi from NANC, Journalist Radha Sharma, Dhananjaya Singh K.C. from, NNGC Chairperson Mr. Mani Nepali Paneru, Lions Chairperson Laxmi Chaudhari, Assistance Chairperson Hema Paneru, Tilak Sunuwar, Photo Journalist Laxman Shrestha and Baikuntha Thapan, amongst many others, participated in the program. Chief Guest Mr. Bharat Jangam was honored with KHADA.
During his speech, Jangam Sir declared that a corruption-free society is one of the main conditions to the well-being of the people. It will be better work to cry on corruption than join Anticorruption National Movement. After giving the audience an assessment about the progress of our organization and its future plans, he appealed to the Nepalese people and associations to help our cause and fund our upcoming programs.
He also praised the work of these associations and their members that, being so far from the country, are yet still yet so actively dedicated to Nepal, Nepalese people and the Nepalese society. He answered the public’s questions about Anticorruption, our organization, and future prospects. Many participants expressed their desire to help us in their field, and somebody even wants to join our program...
At the end of the event, AMN Chairperson Bharat Jangam was honored with KADAR PATRA from NANC Chairperson Mr. Uttam Karki and NAFCA Chairperson Mr. Basu Dhakal.
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