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Human mind is studied by psychology. Being within the circle of psychology, anticorruptology also analyzes and interprets the good and bad aspects of human mind. Here human mind has been dealt within a limited circle as per requirement of it in anticorruptology. While considering human nature and thought. The state of mind can be categorized into five classes. They are conduct, thought, action, intention and tendency. Those five elements are main aspects of human mind. They are positive in nature.
Let us discuss about them.
1.   Conduct,  2.  Thought,  3.   Action,   4.   Intention,   5.   Tendency
1.  Conduct:
The person who has good conduct is valued much in society. Similarly, he/she gets more respect in society. Conduct is regarded as a refined form of character and behaviour. So, it has great importance in human life.
2.  Thought:
A serious thinking about some favourable and unfavorable situation is thought. Thought leads to resolution and determination. So it can change the personality. Thought is a person’s personality.
3.  Action:
Action refers to duty or work. Human being has a physical body and works with this body. People work in two ways: physically and mentally. Both activities have equal importance. The work helps develop the personality.
4.  Intention:
Intention is the product of thinking and imagination. Human characters embodying respect, reverence and courtesy belong to area of intention.
5.  Tendency:
Tendency is a natural character of human being. It is created by attraction of human beings towards enjoyment. Human tendency promotes conduct and thought. The human conduct and thought determine their tendency.
The personality development is possible as the above mentioned five aspects develop in human being.
Let us see the five aspects in a diagram:
Human action is determined by his/her intention, tendency, conduct and thought. The action of an individual determines personality. If person’s conduct, thought, intention and tendency are good, his/her actions turn out good. When action is good his personality is also shaped accordingly. This fact is shown in the above figure.
Positive and Negative aspects of the State of Mind
The five elements i.e. conduct, thought, action, intention and tendency discussed in the previous chapter are positive themselves. They are positive but not supreme. It means they are the means but not the end. These human traits are categorized as good and bad as follows:
S.N. State of mind Good Aspects Bad Aspects
1. Conduct Right conduct Ill conduct
2. Thought Good thought Wrong thought
3. Action Right action Misdeed
4. Intention Courtesy impoliteness
5. Tendency Positive tendency Negative tendency
The five elements are explained in ten aspects from negative and positive views. Ten aspects indicate ten digits. We have ten digits mathematically. These ten digits are fundamental digits of mathematics.
1.  Right conduct 2.  Ill conduct
3.  Good thought 4.  Wrong thought
5.  Right action 6.  Wrong action
7.  Courtesy 8.  Impoliteness
9.  Positive tendency 0.  Negative tendency
      25 good qualities,                                            20 bad qualities
The sum of good aspects is 25 and that of bad aspects is 20. When we subtract 20 from 25, we get 5. The No. 5 is right action. Similarly,
                  25  +  20  =  45,
                  45  ÷  9    =  5.
Here No. 5 indicates right action. It refers that environment for right action can be created.
We discussed the weak aspects of human mind in this chapter. We also identified that the negative aspects can be guided into positive path. Human mental state is natural whether positive/good or negative/bad. Anticorruptology helps to take rational decision in any situation. 
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