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2016 12:05
The main aim of the anticorruptology is to establish a corruption-free society .It needs a clear concept to achieve this aim. The aim can be achieved only if the responsible units actively work according to the concept of anticorruption. More particularly, for the success of this campaign, two major factors have to be fully active .They are:
  1. Civil Society,
  2. Socially established political parties in the society.
The citizens of a country should take cognizance of establishing the corruption-free society in the country. It is because the citizens themselves bear the consequences. Political parties are established by the group of citizens who share political principles. They are divided into the different parties. Although, political parties are formed by the citizens, the citizens may not trust the parties. The parties deceive the people after going to power. Political parties intoxicated by the state power. They patronize their cadres. Citizens are ignored. Thus, civil society and political parties have to be treated and given responsibility separately. Let’s divide it into two topics.
  1. Creation of transparent and disciplined society,
  2. Establishment of nationalistic political parties.
1.   Creation of transparent and disciplined society :
The existing society is responsible for all-round development of that country. The civil societies are established in the society. The civil societies have the responsibility to be active for the prosperity of that society. The civil society shouldn’t forget its responsibilities towards the society. The duties of the civil society are as follows:-
  1. Moral awareness,
  2. Good deed,
  3. Nationalistic feeling,
  4. Transparent character,
  5. Taking the responsibility.
a.   Moral awareness:-
The overall personality’s measurement of a person depends on his/her level of consciousness. Everybody is conscious but the level is different. Moreover, moral consciousness/awareness reflects not only his/her personality but also it makes his/her life successful. Therefore, moral awareness has special significance .The society having abundance of morally conscious individuals is considered helpful in promoting well-being, welfare and human development. Human consciousness is governed by both moral and immoral elements. But whoever abandons immorality and accepts the moral values and beliefs is regarded as a true human being. Such morally conscious person can play an important role for the nation, nationalism and the prosperity of a society.
b.   Good deed:-
Every person in the society performs a duty from his birth to death. His/her deed is determined by his/her age. After childhood, a person engages in his livelihood. He/she is confused with national and international problems. The person involved in the good deed serves his family, society and the nation. A citizen engaged in the good deed is a treasure of the society and nation. He/she is the dignity and glory of the nation.
c.   Nationalistic Feeling:-
A person is born with innate quality of responsibility. At the preliminary stage of a person, he/she is helped by family. When he enters into adulthood, he/she interact with the other members of the society and gets matured. After that, he comes to know about the family and society. He understand the role of his nation in the world politics. At this moment, he decides which aspect is to be prioritized .As he feels responsibility towards the nation, nationalism and national development, there arises patriotic feeling within him. All the citizens of a country have to become patriotic for the development of that country. A country develops equally in all fields where the citizens are patriotic. Thus, nationalist feeling in the citizens is the fundamental basis for the national prosperity.
d.   Transparent Character:-
Transparent character means moral character .It plays a significant role in personality development .Human character may be good or bad. A person having bad or immoral character pollutes himself, his family and the society. It affects the nation too. Therefore, the transparent and good character has to be sufficiently developed in the citizens for the social and national development. After that, the society and nation can develop.
e.   Taking the Responsibilities:-
A person should be responsible towards his family. He has to be equally responsible towards the society and nation. An irresponsible person cannot be regarded an honest citizen. An irresponsible citizen proves a fatal disease for the society and nation. His irresponsibility may damage not only his family but the whole society and nation. Therefore, a citizen of a country must be fully responsible for his society and nation.

2.   Establishment of the nationalist political parties :-
The present state affair is different from the past. There is dominance of the political parties in the public affair of almost all countries of the world. A political party is an organization that exits to run the state affair by adopting a certain political philosophy. The political parties determine the standards of handling the state affair, policies and methodology. They hire cadres for raising power, activities to be done when in power and other developmental programmes. The activities and problems may be fully or partially executed or may not be executed at all. Continuation in power is determined by the extent and nature of execution. The party which fails to fulfill the people’s needs and address the national development can fall down from the power within a short period .When the government is changed after a short period of time, national political system becomes instable and political instability invites conflict. Therefore, it’s possible to develop a nation and its people only if political parties are nationalist. The parties that love and respect the nation and people can open the door of development .The following factors are needed for it:-
  1. Principle,
  2. National Development,
  3. National Thinking,
  4. Economic Transparency,
  5. Responsibility.
 a.   Principle:-
A political party is formed based on the certain principle. No political party can be international. When it tries to adopt internationalism, it fails. Thus, a political party may be successful and sustainable for a long period of time if it adopts philosophical principle that is compatible with geography, history, culture, custom and social structure of that nation .A few political parties exist in the well-developed countries of the world. They sustain for a long time and run the state power, turn by turn, repeatedly. But, in contrast, a large number of parties exist in the developing and poor countries .They follow opportunistic groupism. Therefore, the political parties have to adopt nationalist and people-oriented, stable political principles to achieve the height of success.
b.   National Development:-
The main agenda of the political parties must be the national development. Political parties in the developing countries focus more on development in turn with the interest of their cadres. Because of this reason, the parties are disgraced by people. The party which is dedicated for the real development of a nation and people can be dearer to people and sustain for long time.
c.   National Thinking:
It is essential for political leaders and cadres to have national thinking. The parties without national thinking cannot be regarded as nationalists. The parties lacking nationalism can’t even think for national welfare. Thus, it is compulsory for the parties to have nationalist feeling .This feeling directs them to be active for the maximum development of people and the nation.
e.   Economic Transparency:-
Political parties must be economically transparent. Lack of financial transparency not only makes political leaders corrupt but also creates neo-feudalism and makes the leaders dictators. The major disease of the developing countries is economic bungling in the parties. The trend of collection of donations by the parties is increasing day by day. The donation is expended during the election; and the remaining money is grabbed by the leaders for their personal benefit. This trend makes the political workers rich. The party of developing countries has only one target, i.e how to collect a large amount of money to spend during election. They are motivated to collect a great amount of money that is required for election. Being guided by this thinking, they are active to collect money. It is a fatal to democratic system .The financial management is fair if the collection is transparent. Thus, the parties must be fully transparent in the financial collection and its use.
e.   Responsibility:-
Responsibility is the new principle of the present era. The person or organization must be accountable for all acts. Responsibility refers to taking responsibility of both good and bad aspects. The political parties should take responsibility of their direct or indirect works while executing state affair. They have to give clarification to the people. But in the developing countries, the parties are not responsible according to the principle of responsibility. They have to be responsible towards people like the parties in the developed countries.
The concept of anticorruptology becomes clear if the responsibility of civil society and political party is similar.
Let’s look at their responsibilities:
Civil Society                                                         Political Parties
  1. Moral awareness                       =                      Principle
  2. Good deed                               =                      National Development
  3. Nationalist feeling                    =                      National Thinking
  4. Transparent Character              =                      Financial Transparency
  5. Taking responsibility                =                      Responsibility
The above table shows that the civil society directs the political parties. When civil society violates the principle and policies they are defined. They may have to bear punishment. But when political parties violate principles and policies, the citizens cannot punish them except in the election when they can throw them out. Therefore, citizens should make the parties feel responsible and follow the principle.     
Let’s see by using the picture:-

Civil societies and the political groups have been fragmented into the different portions even though they are in the same mass or the circle according to the mentioned figure. The duties of peoples’ group and the political aspects have been seen equaled each other even if they are in such different sizes. That kind of conclusion can be clarified with the existence of patriotic political parties or transparency and disciplined society. Anticorruptology inspires the party leaders to reach this goal.
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