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2015 03:45
The Anti-Corruption Movement Nepal conducted an interaction programme on the 16th of June 2014, at the Marvellous English Boarding School. The aim of the programme was to raise awareness against corruption in Nepal and introduce the concept of 'anticorruptology'. The programme received a strong attendance and was welcomed with a positive response from students. The programme started with a speech from the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Movement Mr. Bharat Jangam. Mr Jangam addressed the prevailing and wide-ranging problems of corruption in Nepal. There was also active participation from the school principal Yudhistir Poudel and others too.

Several questions were asked by students throughout the session as part of the interaction programme. One student Anisha from class nine asked "Our country has lots of problems like water, education etc. Is it due to corruption?" Mr. Jangam answered “It is all happening due to corruption, the root cause is corruption.” Another student, Shristi from class ten asked "What are the root causes of increasing corruption?" Mr. Jangam replied "The roots of corruption stem from our ignorance. We have little education on corruption, and this helps it grow." A student named Shristi Chauhan asked "I don't know how deeply rooted corruption is in our society, which part of society is responsible to stop it?" in reply to Shristi’s question Mr. Jangam replied "Government should take full responsibility to curb corruption in Nepal."

Teachers from the Marvellous school were equally eager to ask Mr. Jangam some questions. Mr. Alok Bohora questioned "The ordinary man who is a simple government employee has lots of assets. Don't we have effective legislation to prosecute such people who collect illegal wealth? Don't we sentence them to prison?" Mr. Jangam replied "I have spoke against corruption from many years. I wrote a book 'Kalo Surya' which defines the root causes of corruption. Everybody should speak against corruption." Next teacher Bindu Poudel raised the question "Nepal is rooted in corruption, everybody knows. We are thinking that we have to earn a lot of money both day and night. Our children have been raised to think the same way. How can we erase this pattern of thinking from our children? Mr. Jangam replied "Everybody's asking this question. To address this appropriately we need to maintain discipline. We need to develop faith in our culture and create an environment that pursues this culture." Echoing Mr. Jangams response, an ex-student of the school,  Muhesh Bishow asked "As we know there is no medicine for corruption. What are the preventive measures of corruption?” Mr. Jangam answered "Corruption is a mental disease. To combat this disease I have formulated a subject I call 'anticorruptology'.” The last question came from Raju Chaulagain "In a developing society such as ours, our society is rooted with corruption. Can we prevent corruption at a certain level?" Mr. Jangam replied "I am also searching for this answer; these are the way that things are in our country." With this last answer the programme was concluded at the Marvellous English Boarding School.
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