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It is difficult to limit the psychology and behavior of a person, community or total society within an area of science. But they need to be explained and analyzed. They can be studied by interconnecting them with different dimensions of science. The activities in curbing corruption should be adopted in tune with changing of times. Anticorruptology, its value and belief should be scrutinised. Implementing new value and belief means abandonment of old ones.
No science can be limited within the boundary of definition. The preliminary definition of a subject may be transitory as well, because no thought can be acceptable forever. A thought is changed and revised according to time. The past experiences cannot suffice for new consciousness. The present problems can be the subjects for the future. As the time goes by various approaches are gradually being developed. Corruption has grown up beyond control at present. The responsibility of anticorruptology is to control it. This anticorruptology helps to run behavioral system and policies in healthy, disciplined manner in each and every level of society. Various behavior and customs practiced in society are established as a science .Anticorruptology has a natural relationship with those subjects.
  1. Science of human behavior
  2. Science of human virtue
  3. Science of social behavior
  4. Science of physical development
  5. Science of economic prosperity
  6. Science of administrative discipline
  7. Science of political transparency
1.   Science of human behavior :
Whatever creatures are born in universe, they have certain traits and behaviors. Dogs and cats are close to humans; and they have traits and habit different from jackals and tigers which live in jungle. Humans love those animals which thrive in their company. They keep the animals away which are not useful to them. Whatever behavior the animals show towards humans, the people also react in the same way to the animals. It’s not natural to think that humans love wild animals like jackals and tigers etc. Humans live in a group, so their behavior needs to be compatible to people. When the behavior of a person becomes erratic he is discarded by his group. The behavior of a man determines his status in society. Similarly human behavior also plays a crucial role in ascertaining person’s level in society.
Human behavior can be viewed from two different dimensions:
Good behavior and Bad behavior.
Good behavior generates respect in society and bad behavior disrespect. Corruption is a byproduct of bad behavior. Human behavior can be studied in the territory of behavioral science. So anticorruptology is the science of human behavior.

2.   Science of human virtue :
All the creatures have certain ethical values. Their life is determined by the same ethical value. But human ethical value is different from other creatures. Both virtue and vice (corruption) are seen in human nature. When a person leads a humane life, his/ her life becomes completely successful. The exercise of virtue eliminates bad characters of people i.e. immorality and corruption.
The opposite of fair or just is corrupt. There are two dimensions of human character:
Virtue and corruption
Both of them exist in human mentality .Growth of one damages the power of other .It means when one becomes strong, another becomes feeble. It’s a scientific law as well. Thus when the element of virtue becomes strong enough, the power of corruption becomes weak. Because of this proof, anticorruptology has been established as a science of human virtue.

3.   Science of social behavior :
Social behavior is established on the basis of culture and custom. Social behavior is determined by historical structure, racial value, belief, traditional culture, and customs of society. Social behavior goes on in the same way. It can’t change its behavior immediately or within a short period of time .Social behavior is driven in specific manner continuously for a long period of time. Thus it has been established as a science. Anticorruptology saves the social behavior from being immoral. So it goes on constantly in society.

4.   Science of physical development :
Physical development is necessary for social prosperity. People are looking for physical development in every circumstance. A person becomes happy when he gets necessary physical facilities. It is human weakness .Humans want their welfare both physically and spiritually. The infrastructures of physical development become ready due to the same human desire. And people are fulfilling their necessity due to the same desire. It means physical development is gradually going on. The increasing human needs are fulfilled as physical development goes on. Anticorruptology supports continuous physical development by removing obstacles that may come .Thus anticorruptology has been regarded as a science of physical development.

5.   Science of economic prosperity :
Only economically strong and prosperous person or society is regarded successful at present. A person or society actively participates in economic development. They march ahead competitively in economic market. Competition doesn’t mean healthy, legal, and systematic only. They can follow illegal way as well in that competition. The corrupt practice lies behind the unhealthy competition, which damages the economic sector. There is no specific standard and limitation of economic growth. Its aims and objectives are satisfaction of the people. In other words, time and situation determine the limitation of economic growth. Economic growth is expected to move forward with specific plan. Many have achieved economic growth by relying on wrong policies. Anticorruptology prosecutes those who misinterpret law and policies and who malpractice law deliberately to make money.

6.   Science of administrative discipline :
Administrative organization is needed to run an organized institution like business company, non-government organization and state affair. The administrative body is guided by act, law, regulation, by-law and policy. The employees in administrative body should be mobilized in disciplined manner. Only after that, administrative discipline can be maintained. Healthy administration can’t run in absence of discipline. Administrative discipline should be maintained to save an organization from damages. Anticorruptology assists to maintain administrative discipline in all administrative bodies.

7.   Science of political transparency :
The politics without transparency is just an anarchism. Anarchism makes the politics unstable and can’t handle the state affair smoothly. Terror gradually develops into anarchism. Sometimes in developing countries, the political power is captured by terrorist dictator. When state power goes in the hand of a dictator or terrorist, anarchism prevails. There is lack of genuine political mission and democracy. When there is lack of political purity, anticorruptology attempts to maintain purity and democracy.
Anticorruptology has tried to define itself from different perspectives of society and proved itself as a science .So it has been established as a natural science in society.
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